Automation technology

The plant engineering and construction is one of the main profiles of the Eckerle Industrie. At the Eckerle Industrie manual, fully- and semi-automated systems are designed and built for the assembly technology, which are suitable for screwing and bolting, pressing and compression, and for the mounting of assemblies of multi-component units.

We develop our machines in accordance with our customers' needs while we are engaging in continuous communication from design to implementation of the machine. We consider it as important that the processes of design and manufacturing are performed according to customer requirements.

Existing productions lines can be adapted by us to the growing demands of customer and revised in accordance with its needs. In addition to the scaling we can also modify the existing facilities, if a modernization of the system is necessary. In the redesign or expansion of production facilities we are virtually unlimited, as we know and use the electrical and control technology from multiple vendors.

We offer optimized solutions for numerous manufacturing processes with our machines, whether involving automatic, semi-automatic or manual equipment. We would be pleased to work out a solution for your requirements.

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