CNC machining

At Eckerle Industrie, low- and high-volume series are manufactured using CNC machining. Our portfolio in the field of computer-aided CNC machining is extensive. We have CNC milling and turning machines for small batch series and medium volume and complex prototype parts.

Maximum machining milling:
x = 1000 mm, y = 600 mm, z = 400 mm
Maximum machining turning:
Ø = 250 mm, opening = 65 mm, length up to 600 mm


Our competencies:

  • Manufacturing parts and assemblies based on the drawings via data transfer
  • Subcomponents with CNC machining and assembly
  • Preparation and machining of steel structures with laser welding
  • Measurement service using 3D coordinate measuring machines
  • Computer-aided production with CAD/CAM technology
  • 3 / 5 / 7 axis machining for manufacturing individual parts and prototypes
  • CNC wire and spark eroding
  • Small batch production, batch sizes 1-500 pieces

During manufacturing, we provide a full range of services which covers material procurement, production, heat and surface treatment. We also accept transportation assignments according to customer needs.

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