The Eckerle Industrie Kft. provides the following services to its clients:

  • Diagnostic check and repair of the equipment we produce
  • "Company-specific" tailor made contracts for all clients
  • Health check, repair, and overhaul of presses
  • Press calibration
  • Inspection of dynamometer system
  • Fast and accurate service at the client’s premises
  • Repair of press controllers
  • Calibration of presses with Schmidt displacement-force measurement
  • Preparing calibration records
  • Processing calibration stickers
  • Tape welding
  • Regular maintenance of conveyors
  • General warranty service


  • Documented authenticity and quality
  • Maximum flexibility without contractual obligation
  • On-site detection and fast troubleshooting
  • Annual calibration reminder for our registered clients

Please feel free to contact our experts if you have any questions!

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